Theater 1| Feature Film – I AM KALAM

DIRECTOR : Nila Madhab Panda
LANGUAGE : Hindi/ English
86 Minutes


The film celebrates the survival of the human spirit against overwhelming odds and highlights the need for underprivileged children’s education. It’s a film based on former Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and is aimed at inspiring the poor to educate their children. Directed by Nila Madhab Panda

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Theater 2 | Feature Film – A DECENT ARRANGEMENT

DIRECTOR : Sarovar Banka
LANGUAGE : Hindi/ English
USA/ INDIA | 86 Minutes

A Decent Arrangement is the story of Ashok Khosla, an Indian-American copywriter who journeys to India seeking an arranged marriage. After he encounters an American woman traveling through India and is set up with an Indian woman who unexpectedly captivates him, Ashok must navigate the complexity of cultural traditions and the leanings of his own heart. With subtle comedy and true-to-life drama, A Decent Arrangement shows us a side of India not commonly seen by western audiences and delivers an affecting story that resonates with those of us in search of our place in a changing world.


Theater 2 | Documentary Film – IN SEARCH OF GOD

DIRECTOR : Rupam Sarmah
LANGUAGE : English
60 Minutes

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The transformative journey of an American woman who finds deeper meaning in her life after traveling to a mystical island in India where the inhabitants use artistic expression as a means for communing with God. Directed by Rupam Sarmah


Theater 2 | Short Film – FATAKRA (FIRE CRAKERS)

DIRECTOR : Sonam Mehta
LANGUAGE : Hindi/ English
USA | 19 Minutes

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Naveen left India to chase his dreams in America. Three years and a recession later, his wife and son finally join him. FATAKRA (“Firecracker”) tells the story of the sparks that fly on their first day together as dreams collide with reality. Directed by Soham Mehta


Theater 2 | Documentary Film – IT’S CRICKET, NO?

DIRECTOR : Sudhir Aggarwal
LANGUAGE : English
31 Minutes

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In a world away from bright stadium lights, far away from multimillion dollar franchises, a unique brand of Indian cricket is making history in its own way. Follow the Indian National Blind Cricket Team as they chase their dream to be the greatest national side India has ever produced. To play for country, honor, passion. It’s cricket, no? Directed by Gregory French.


Theater 2 | Short Film – THE ECLIPSE OF TAREGNA

DIRECTOR : Rakesh Chaudhary
LANGUAGE : Hindi/ English
21 Minutes

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Mr. Pathak is worn out by life, and indifferent to NASA’s announcement that the best place to view the upcoming solar eclipse will be his town Taregna. However, his grandson Roshan’s curiosity for the celestial event of a lifetime is boundless. When Pathak finally notices that Roshan needs a father figure, he can no longer remain a bystander to life. Directed by Rakesh Chaudhary.


Theater 2 | Short Film – KHARA KARODPATI

DIRECTOR : Piyush Thakur
LANGUAGE : Marathi
INDIA | 19 Minutes

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A call from ‘kaun banega crorepati’ , an Indian adaptation of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, changes the ordinary life of a small farmer, vishnu, who lives in a village in maharashtra, India. Khara karodpati is the story of Vishnu, his family and the villagers and their journey towards realising the actual meaning of victory.

Theater 7 | Feature Film – DELHI IN A DAY

DIRECTOR : Prashant Nair
LANGUAGE : English
INDIA | 88 Minutes

When the money of an idealistic British traveler disappears in a nouveau-riche Delhi home, the staff of the house are blamed and given twenty-four hours to replace it or face the consequences.

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DIRECTOR : Salim Khassa
LANGUAGE : English

Desperate Endeavors highlights the chase of the “American Dream” byBombay-born immigrant RAM PATEL, who arrives in New York City in the year 1973. Beset by financial struggles and supporting a family, he jumps over hurdles of discrimination and prejudice, and then “plugs his fingers into the dike” of his frenzied life to carry-on his dream of making it in America. With the assistance of a spiritual advisor named “Dada Baghwan,” protagonist Ram Patel learns to live a more balanced life and turns his fortunes around to success..


Best Feature Film Jury Award : Delhi in a Day : By Prashant Nair
Best Documentary Film Jury Award : In Search of God : By Rupam Sarmah
Best Short Film Jury Award : Fatakara : Soham Mehta
Special Recognition for Outstanding Performance : Mr. Gulshan Grover for “Desperate Endeavors”
Special Recognition for Outstanding Contribution : Mrs. Ellen I. Goldberg for her work in bringing together diverse cultures.