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Theater 1 | Feature Film – Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane Ki Baarish

DIRECTOR : Dipti Nawal
LANGUAGE : Hindi/ English
DURATION : 104 Minutes

Debu, a struggling songwriter, has been dumped by his lover and left out on the streets. Juhi, an aging streetwalker, finds it difficult to pick up customers. Kaku, her twelve years old son, saddled to a wheelchair, is yearning for love and care.
The film journeys through tender and dramatic moments as the three characters strive to reach out and connect. Debu wants Juhi to give up being a prostitute and tries transforming her into an elegant, dignified woman. Juhi begins to look at Debu with new eyes . .

Theater 1 | Documentary – Smile Pinki

DIRECTOR : Megan Mylan
LANGUAGE : Bhojpuri/ Hindi
DURATION : 39 Minutes


Pinki is a five-year-old girl in rural India born desperately poor, and with a cleft lip. The simple surgery that can cure her is a distant dream until she meets Pankaj, a social worker traveling village to village gathering patients for a hospital that provides free surgery to thousands each year. Told in a vibrant, verite style, rich with nuance and complexity, this real-world fairy tale follows its wide-eyed protagonist on a journey from isolation to embrace

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Theater 1 | Feature Film – Janala

DIRECTOR : Buddhadeb Dasgupta
LANGUAGE : Bengali
DURATION : 107 Minutes

Theater 2 | Feature Film – 7 Days in slow motionTheater 1 | Feature Film – Janala

DIRECTOR : Umakanth Thumrugoti
LANGUAGE : English
DURATION : 100 Minutes

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Ravi, the young narrator of “Seven Days in Slow Motion,” is obsessed by movies, and so are his friends Hamid and Onka. So when a professional-quality HD video camera falls into their hands, of course they are compelled to go immediately into production.There are two problems: They have to return the camera at the end of seven days, and on the seventh day, they have to sit for final exams at their school.
That’s the setup for an unexpected and entertaining look at upper-middle-class life in Hyderabad, a prosperous central Indian city that is the home of many digital industries and a large movie studio. These are privileged kids. Their parents chatter about the Ivy League schools they want them to attend. All depends on the all-important exams, however, and in an opening scene, Ravi (Teja) produces a pie chart picturing how his mother wants him to spend his time: 60 percent for studying, 2 percent for fun.

Theater 1 | Documentary Film – Wagah

DIRECTOR : Supriyo Sen
DURATION : 13 Minutes

Each night the only border crossing between India and Pakistan on a 1000km stretch becomes the sight of an extraordinary event. Thousands of people gather to witness the ritual closing of the border, after which the masses get as close as possible to the gate to greet their former neighbors. This “festival” is therefore on the one hand a celebration of the partition, but on the other hand also the only connecting element. What do the terms separation, home and proximity mean to the people on both sides?

Theater 2 | Short Film – THE FORGOTTEN WOMEN

DIRECTOR : Samar Khan
LANGUAGE : English/ Hindi / Bengali
DURATION : 88 Minutes

The Forgotten Woman was made in direct response to this interest and aims to bring about an understanding of the destitution and marginalization of many of the millions of widows in India today, who are forced by age-old traditions to live out their remaining years isolated from and shunned by the society at large.
The film explores how these widows, coerced by their families to give up their possessions, become non-entities in society.
The Forgotten Woman aims to create greater awareness of the fact that in the 21st century, there are still numerous and wide spread issues surrounding women’s search for economic independence in order to attain a modicum of dignity, self-sufficiency and basic human dignity.

Theater 2 | Feature Film – ANTARDWAND

DIRECTOR : Sushil Rajpal
DURATION : 114 Minutes

Delhi University. A romance. An accidental pregnancy. And the act of announcing this to his conservative parents is just the beginning of the explosion of emotions and events that Antardwand unfolds.
The boy- Raghuveer who has just appeared for his Civil Services exams is admonished by his father against marrying his pregnant girlfriend in Delhi. Distraught and defenseless Raghu terminates his visit home in the interiors of Bihar and leaves for Delhi. But before he could get out of the village he gets ABDUCTED by another headstrong and ambitious father of a girl wanting to have a potential IAS officer as his son-in-law.

Theater 1| Feature Film –ORU PENNUM RANDAANUM

DIRECTOR : Adoor Gopalakrishnan
LANGUAGE : Malyalam
DURATION : 115 Minutes

The first story ‘The Thief’ is about Kunjunni, nicknamed ‘Son of a Thief’, who fervently yearns to reform his father who is a thief. In the second story ‘The Police’ Head Constable Pillai and his cunning colleague Mathu is entrusted to solve a case of theft in a rich merchant’s shop. These Police Officers who are suspected to have traced the culprit and shared the loot with him, to save their skin colludes to frame a rickshaw-puller in the burglary case, of which he is innocent. ‘Two Men and a Woman’ is the story of Krishnankutty, a university student, who is forced to make a choice between a servant girl with whom he has an affair and the daughter of the head of his joint family with whom he is under obligation to marry. The fourth episode ‘One Woman, Two Men’, is the story of two men, one elderly and the other middle aged, who fights over a bewitching woman who doesn’t reveal her preferences.

Theater 1 | Short Narrative – KAVI

DIRECTOR : Gregg Helve
INDIA/ UK | 79 Minutes

Film revolves around Kavi, a boy in India, who wants to go to school and play cricket but is forced to work in a brick kiln as a modern-day slave. This 19-minute fictional film is Helvey’s University of Southern California thesis project. A feature length theatrical version is being planned. The movie website claims that about 27 million people are enslaved in the world today.

Filmed entirely on location in India, it was shot in eight days at Wai, near Mumbai. “Does slavery still exist?” is the tagline of this award winning film, whose other crew includes John Harrison (cinematographer), Chris Witt (editor), and Patrick Kirst (music). gregg helvey,kank,oscar awards,sagar salunke played as Kavi.


Best Documentary Film : Smile Pinki : Megan Mylan
Best Short Film : Kavi : Gregg Helvey
Best Feature Film : Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane Ki Baarish : Deepti Naval
Special Tribute : Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Special Recognition Award : Sonu Niigaam
Special Recognition Award : Umakanth Thumrugoti
Special Recognition Award : Mohammed Iqbal khan